Volume 92, Issue 17

Thursday, October 1, 1998

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Fiduciary responsibility

Re: Open house ad, Sept. 24

To the Editor:

The Gazette recently ran a full-page advertisement for the newspaper's open house. The caption read, "At university, you should make sure you try new things." This was superimposed upon a picture composed of what appeared to be cocaine on a mirror, a display of joints, cigarettes, condoms and a beer bottle, along with a copy of The Gazette.

As university students, it is good to test and challenge the envelope. However, like any experiment conducted, be it a laboratory of science or the one of life, it is important to act responsibly and maintain a clear sense of limits. As journalists publishing in a newspaper representing the University of Western Ontario and the community therein, you are charged with the fiduciary responsibility of upholding the interests of this institution and maintaining the integrity of the name you so publish.

This is not a judgement on those who indulge in the activities depicted by the ad. Irrespective of this, the laws governing this country deem the use of some of those substances to be illegal.

Regardless of The Gazette's intentions, I believe there was an implication which condoned, if not encouraged their illicit use. This ad can only reflect negatively on us all.

The university is an institution for higher education. As such, there is an expected standard of quality with anything associated with it. The professionalism is what distinguishes a newspaper from yellow paper tabloids. My aim is not to be pugilistic, but my convictions are such that I believe the community at this university deserves better representation. The Gazette could have exercised more appropriate judgement.

Derek Au

Engineering II

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