Volume 92, Issue 17

Thursday, October 1, 1998

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ACES loses space

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

After a long and heated debate, the University Students' Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of dissolving the Association of Continuing Education Studies.

Following the motion to dissolve ACES, the council quickly voted in favour of creating a lifelong learning commissioner.

USC president Ian Armour explained this position would have the same mandate as ACES. "The only noticeable change will be the absence of lounge space."

The lounge space is vital for part-time and mature student to meet with one another so they do not feel like outsiders on campus, said Josee Morin, this year's acting ACES president .

Prior to the debate, the council voted to go into confidential to discuss the issue before hearing the argument from ACES.

"You can look at us to picket outside of everything the USC does," said Paula Platero, last year's ACES president.

Morin attempted to take control of the floor to ask questions directed at specific council members. "Why did an existing member of the students' council not know about the association? Obviously there has been some misinformation and miscommunication on behalf of Ian to the council."

"It had to happen now – things need to be improved," Armour said. He explained his concern with ACES stems from the fact that the president and the ACES commissioner for the USC positions were going to remain vacant as they were last year.

Morin and Platero were self-appointed, no elections were held, Armour said.

ACES was not alone in its struggle to stay alive. Michael Rubinoff, USC representative to the Board of Governors, was one of the first members of the USC to voice his objections to the motion to dissolve the group.

"I think that our timing to do was inappropriate. It was something that should have been done at the beginning or end of the term since people have been working on this organization and now we are going to dissolve it," he said.

USC VP-student affairs, Melissa Cousineau explained during the debate that there are several options for the group, including forming a club. "As a club you can apply for office space and get a huge exposure factor – it is another option they might not have been aware of."

Several questions still have to be settled including the still unresolved issue of the office space which will become vacant over the next few weeks.

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