Volume 92, Issue 22

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

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How big's your penis?

The link between the size of a man's feet and the length of his penis has been a mystery to the world since the days of Adam and Eve.

Western medical school graduate Jerald Bain, now an endocrinologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, along with colleague Kerry Siminoski from the University of Alberta, studied the old folklore which purported foot size comparable to penile length.

Bain said he came up with the idea to conduct this research after his mother-in-law made a comment to his wife regarding the size of his feet. "That peaked my curiosity," he said.

While comparing height, foot size and penile length, Bain said the relationship was minimal. "We found a weak correlation," he said and added this ratio should not be used by anyone to assess the size of a man's penis.

The research conducted by Bain and Siminoski was recently rewarded when they received the Ig Nobel Prize, a spoof of the Nobel prizes, given out for research which for one reason or another should not be reproduced. Bain added their work was recently published in a University of Alberta publication, entitled the Annals of Improbable Research.


Talking the talk

Western smooth-talked its way to victory at last weekend's debating tournament held at Harvard University.

Western's debating society sent three two-person teams to the competition which is one of the biggest of its kind in the United States, featuring 110 teams from the U.S. and 10 from Canada.

Amber Dolman and Jon Ruby survived the six rounds of competition, eventually claiming first place. The two out-debated the defending champions, Princeton University, on whether or not a murderer's sentence should vary depending on if their victim is a private or a public citizen.

"Princeton was so sure they would win again they didn't even bring the trophy. They have to send it to us," said Tania Keefe, VP-external of Western's debating society.

Keefe said some of the other topics Dolman and Ruby argued on their way to victory included whether or not the environment should take precedence over business and whether or not the U.S. should condemn Switzerland for its neutrality during World War II.

Gina Basset and Mike Curry placed 19th in the competition and Ellen Silver and Naomi Loewith finished fifth in the novice competition, which featured 50 teams.

Keefe said Western's debating society is currently the best on the continent after winning the North American debating championships last year. Their next competition takes place this weekend at Queen's University.


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