Volume 92, Issue 22

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

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Survival strength

Re: Protest the protest, Oct. 8

To the Editor:

When I read the letter about protesting the protest in The Gazette, I thought it was one of the most disappointing and discouraging letters I have ever read. I couldn't believe that a student at this school could ever object to other students protesting to save Orientation Week. But I have since come to realize why this person feels this way. It's because she does not realize what Orientation Week is all about.

When I came to Western last year, I really didn't know very many people. I came to Western looking to start over. I knew it was going to be a hard transition from high school to university. I came to university not knowing how to fend for myself or how I would balance my course load with extra-curricular activities. To be honest with you, I didn't know how I was going to survive. I was just a scared 19-year-old who was trying to go through four years of university so that I could someday become a music teacher.

I can honestly say that if it weren't for my Orientation Week, I would not be a student at this university any longer. During Orientation Week, I gained the strength I needed to survive university. Residence staff and Sophs made me feel at home when I got here. They showed me that I wasn't the only person who was struggling with the transition to university life. They showed me that you could balance a heavy course load with extra-curricular activities. They showed me that they cared.

The funny thing is that I had some inhibitions about what really went on during O-week. Now I don't know where this girl lived last year or who she hung out with, but I can say that my Orientation Week at Western was not about meaningless sex and alcohol. My Orientation Week was about adjusting to Western socially, economically, academically, emotionally and culturally. That was my Orientation experience and I am sure that others at this university went through a similar experience.

I feel badly that this young lady only has these impressions of Orientation Week. It is unfortunate that these are her lasting impressions of an Orientation Week that meant so much to me. The week meant so much to me and my life that I proudly and with great honour gave that same love and care back to my residence as a Soph this year.

Frosh Week forever!

Andrew Macklin

Delaware Soph

Music II

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