Volume 92, Issue 23

Thursday, October 15, 1998

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Low-ri-der drives a little Therapy

Noise Therapy
Myton Lowrider

Vancouver's Noise Therapy is back with Myton Lowrider and this disc kicks it up a notch. Thirteen tracks rock, roll and pound home the groove so much – you just might need therapy.

Produced by Mike Plonikoff, who has worked with such artists as INXS, KISS, the Cranberries and Aerosmith, this album is very slick sounding, yet still retains the raw energy of the band.

Of course production don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing and this album has it in spades. The first song "Electric," is just that. With loud, distorted guitars, and a tight rhythm section, the band plows away with abandonment. The title track, "Myton Lowrider," starts off with a smooth bass groove and when the rest of the band comes in, the groove continues.

This album is sprinkled with little bits of electronica-esque treats and it does add to the atmosphere of a few of the songs. On "Down," the bass pounds remorseless, while lead singer Dave Ottoson chants "beat me down, beat me down, beat me down to the ground."

Guitarist Kai plays well throughout the album, tossing off quick solos which soar, throwing in crunchy power cords and of course keeping the rhythm going.

Other standout tracks include the catchy "Digging a Hole," which features a wailing siren at the intro and chorus. Another great track is "Goontard," which starts with a great riff, followed by some droning guitar, then reaching its peak with loud crashing drums.

Unfortunately, three tracks come off of the band's E.P. Cyclops and alhough it's only three songs, having them on two different albums is irritating.

Besides this small annoyance, the album is very solid and is chock full of hard-edge goodness. It is an enjoyable album most hard rock fans will love.


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