Volume 92, Issue 23

Thursday, October 15, 1998

talk it out


Hot air

Hot Air explores some of the more interesting, less formal things said at University Students'Council meetings. Here are a few tidbits overheard at last night's meeting...

"I was wondering if we could increase the red tape at these meetings."

–Science student council president Mike Kogan, referring to hubbub and disorder incurred during the meeting.

"I'll be giving you guys an oral one tonight."

–USC VP-student affairs Melissa Cousineau referring to presenting her report.

"I'm speaking for the motion because theatre is good."

–Arts councillor Rawl Chan regarding the recommendation of the finance committee to grant $2,450.15 for the stage production of The Birthday Party.

"I'm Dave Small, VP-finance and you can sit down anytime you want."

–USC VP-finance Dave Small to Ray Novak, president of the UWO Reform Club, about his addressing of high student fees.

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