Volume 92, Issue 23

Thursday, October 15, 1998

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Your choice, your responsibility

Re: We're not brats, Oct. 6

To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to Ms. Rola's letter. I appreciate your reply and the invitation to respond to your comments. I also have a question for you.

When deciding where to live, did you not take transportation into account? Why do you think rent is cheaper the farther you move away from the main routes? You chose where to live. In other words: YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

You are a third-year student. What did you do for transportation last year? If you lived in the same place you should have learned from your experience. If you didn't, you should have done your homework before choosing where to live. The point is: YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

You knew what the LTC service was like last year and they have since made many improvements. Did you vote for or against the bus pass? Your fellow students have saved you hundreds of dollars, yet you still feel you deserve more. Where was your letter before the negotiations? Once again, you have succeeded in failing to exercise foresight. Bottom line is: YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

You talk about "those unlucky souls who call themselves off campus students." Well, last time I walked down Huron St., Richmond St., Talbot St., etc., these streets were haunted by your so-called souls. However, what you attribute to poor luck I attribute to poor planning. Once again: YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Yes, I can imagine a trek in the cold (despite it being such a far stretch of the imagination). Last year I walked 40 minutes each way to work. I made the choice and I accepted responsibility for my choice. You, on the other hand, expect everyone to bend over backwards and accommodate you and and your poor planning. One more time YOUR CHOICE, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

It's amazing how a little foresight can keep you warm on a cold, winter day.

Warren Flood
Philosophy/Economics II

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