Volume 92, Issue 23

Thursday, October 15, 1998

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Standing up

Re: Protest the protest, Oct. 8

To the Editor:

I too feel that students should take a stance with regard to the quality of our education and both increasing tuition and debt loads. I have been involved in such protests and have been an active proponent of student rights for many years on this campus, as have many others.

My question to Ms. Schroeder is: "why haven't you championed the cause of education and student rights as of yet?" Last year when students were battling the deregulation of professional programs and over 100 students stormed a Senate meeting, where were you? When students were proposing only a five per cent increase in undergraduate tuition and needed help gathering signatures and emails, where were you? When students were attacking the idea of proposed medical residents' tuition, where were you?

With regard to every one of these instances there was a gentleman who stood up for your rights as a student unceasingly. That person is SzeJack Tan, this year's orientation officer, a vocal student senator and the person responsible for the Frosh Week protest you so despised.

Understand that there is a definite correlation between those people who are the greatest advocates of education and the student voice on this campus and those people who know and love O-week.

I will concede that every person's university experience is different. If you will respect the fact that every year 700 student volunteers and over 4,000 students take part in the greatest Orientation Week in Canada.

Frosh Week forever.

Abe Prabhakar
Off Campus Head Soph 1997

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