Volume 92, Issue 23

Thursday, October 15, 1998

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Re: Robbery

To the Editor:

After planning to go home Monday morning to give support through a difficult family time, you can't imagine how crushed and devastated I was returning home to my apartment to find my car window smashed.

Earlier that morning I had decided to save time by putting my bag, filled with clothes and books, in my car (on the floor with all doors locked) so that I could leave straight from the parking lot. Just three hours later, I returned from class to find my passenger side window broken, my belongings gone and a huge rock in exchange on my drivers seat.

I was unable to go home because of this and will not be able to go home for a while now since I have to ask for more hours at work just to cover part of the loss.

The thieves got nothing of value except maybe the books. My ID and all other important cards were with me. The only person that would have found any of it worth anything would have been me and it would have been all sentimental.

All the damages total approximately $500 and none of it is covered, since house insurance covers the bag and its contents and both house and car insurance have higher deductibles than the individual costs. And being a student on OSAP doesn't leave much room for buying a second set of books because of someone's ignorance.

I hope the person or persons responsible for this read this letter and realize how much damage they have done on account of their greediness and unkindness and I hope they feel just a hint of guilt. I'm amazed at the lack of respect that some people have for others and their property and am hoping that someday the small part of faith I have lost in people will return.

So if anyone sees a black knapsack, books or clothes lying around could you please return it to the office of Dorchester Apartments, no questions asked.

Nicole Campbell
Biology III

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