Volume 92, Issue 24

Friday, October 16, 1998

arresting developments


Wave brawl arrests net two, more coming

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Yesterday London police made the first of what they believe will be a series of arrests for a Sept. 19 assault at the Wave.

Hany Lebada, 18, was charged with two counts of assault and uttering threats and Hicham Lebada, 20, was charged with one count of assault, said Sgt. Dan Johnston of the London police.

Johnston added police expect to make two additional arrests in the near future.

Police also suspect these individuals may be connected with the "preppy gang" which has been linked to a number of assaults throughout the City of London. "We can't say that they are or are not but the arrests were a result of the investigation of Richmond Row," Johnston said, adding, there is a strong possibility.

"It's just bullshit, the cops don't know what they are taking about," Hicham said. "They will probably drop the charges.

"The only thing they have on us is this Wave thing."

Jeff Armour, the manager at the Wave who was allegedly assaulted, said he just wants the incident put behind him. "Personally, it really doesn't matter to me." He added his girlfriend, who was also allegedly assaulted, feels the same way.

He said he was off duty when he saw what looked like a fight over at one of the pool tables in the bar. He alleged he was jumped by two people from a group of four.

Hicham said he had just broken up a fight when the bouncers came in throwing punches. "We just protected ourselves."

He added he had a broken hand at the time and could not fight.

Jeff admitted he could not identify the suspects in a police line, just over a week ago.

"They were not there because they wanted to come to the Wave, they were there to get me," he said, referring to the possible link to an incident which occurred at the bar in April.

As for the alleged death threat, Hicham said Jeff's girlfriend heard wrong, but added she deserved everything she had coming to her since she charged at them with a beer bottle.

Ian Armour, University Students' Council president and Jeff's brother, said he is relieved London police have laid charges. "If charges are pending it means they have got someone they think was involved.

"Hopefully this will bring this matter to a close," he added.

Mark Wellington, general manager of the Wave, was also relieved by the arrests. "We want to put this behind us."

In response to this incident, the Wave has since improved its security and will be installing video surveillance cameras quite soon, Wellington added.

Hicham is a student at Western who is currently taking the year off and Hany is his younger brother. Hicham said he still plans to return to Western, despite what has happened.

The court date for this case is set for Nov. 5.

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