Volume 92, Issue 24

Friday, October 16, 1998

arresting developments



Camping for a good cause

In support of the United Way, Western's Outdoor Club is holding a 24-hour camp-out beginning tonight at 5 p.m.

University College hill will be the site for the fund-raiser, which is expected to involve between 40 and 50 campers.

"We're just going out there to have a good time," said Meeta Shah, United Way commissioner for the University Students' Council.


Gimme the facts

As a long-standing tradition spanning 20 years, the office of institutional planning and budgeting released Western Facts 1998 both in print and on Western's web site this past week.

The publication includes everything from a list of faculties to expense budgets, said Tracy Church, head coordinator of the project.

To consult this oracle of information on the internet, travel to www.uwo.ca/Western.



In yesterday's paper, The Gazette misspelt the name of the University Students' Council deputy returning officer, Steven Meirovitz.

Also, The Labatt Road Scholarship will take place tomorrow and Sunday, not yesterday and today as indicated.

The Gazette regrets the errors.

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