Volume 92, Issue 18

Friday, October 2, 1998

homing in


Thanks for the pranks, keep it up

Homecoming weekend is a tradition which incorporates the best of what our school has to offer. A melange of fun and activity which will feature a parade, football game and good times – all Western traditions. But while partaking in the festivities this weekend, do not forget another great Western tradition. The good old-fashioned PRANK.

It takes a special breed of cat to be a good prankster and Western has enjoyed its fair share. Let's quantify this statement. Intentionally hurting people is not a good prank, nor is attacking any one particular person or group. A good prank should make a statement.

Pete Hill, VP-student issues for the University Students' Council, agrees. "It's a tradition. It's all in good fun and as long as nobody gets hurt I'm all for it." Hill relates a story about an infamous University College hill speech during which the engineers turned on a portable wind machine that almost blew the head speaker off the stage, unfurling a banner proclaiming "Engineers are the gift of God."

In the last few years the engineers have dismantled the concrete beach sailboat and re-assembled it inside the University Community Centre, which did not coincide with the time they boarded up the same building with styrofoam. The recent prank which had the most people talking was "the jump" – which featured a dressed up dummy leaping off the UCC building onto a crowded beach.

Even an ex-USC president got involved in the action four years ago when a prank left a bad taste in a lot of mouths. Dave Tompkins, then engineering head Soph, was fired after a huge smoke bomb billowed fumes onto the stage during a UC hill address to Frosh.

Saugeen-Maitland Hall has had its share of pranks which include the hot tub showers and one which is only referred to as "the elevator" – featuring a drunk naked guy tied to a chair and all the buttons pressed. You work it out. At least there's no dead sheep in this one.

So to all Western students and alumni – have a great weekend and keep our traditions alive.

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