Volume 92, Issue 18

Friday, October 2, 1998

homing in


Don't make fun of his accent

Re: Chretien talks education, Sept. 29

To the Editor:

Upon picking up The Gazette on Tuesday, I was more inclined to throw it in the recycling bin than actually read it. Clear as day on the front page was the headline "Chretien talks education – 'der needs to be less debt, more aid." My question to you is, was this insult to the prime minister of Canada necessary?

Do you want a man who looks and speaks like this as your prime minister? Kim Campbell used a slogan similar to this in her campaign for prime minister in 1992 and look where she ended up. Politics has truly seen a change from covering the actual issues, to evaluating aspects of character and finally to cheap shots involving physical shortcomings!

This issue was thoroughly examined after the Campbell ad ran once and certainly contributed to her defeat, yet here we are six years later and we find that now these shortcomings are simply used in a sad attempt to be witty. I think that The Gazette should worry more about reporting on newsworthy events than on trying to be funny.

In Canada, we have many people with many cultural backgrounds, as we do here at Western. Therefore, as university students, I think it's obvious that we understand not all people speak with the same tone of voice, accent or inflection. The Gazette, in an attempt at humour, has made an effort to drive home the fact that Mr. Chretien is in fact French Canadian, who has a particular speech impediment. Thanks a lot – but we already knew that!

Jason Boily

Faculty of Education I

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