Volume 92, Issue 25

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

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Hardcore fans

Re: Waterloo has feelings too, Oct. 8

To the Editor:

It sure was nice to see a packed house at J.W. Little Stadium during Homecoming. It also was great to see our Western Mustangs beat the Waterloo Warriors 44-20, ending a three-game losing streak that we had against our arch rival.

You see Erin Byrne, I'm convinced, that like many others, this was the first and only football game that you have ever been to. Why? Because it seems that football is ONLY cool when it's Homecoming... not when it's 10 below outside during the second weekend in November and YOUR team is playing for a provincial championship.

I was one of those fans beside you and the Waterloo fans. If you actually knew an ounce of the punishment Mustang fans receive at road (and at home) games, then you'd think twice about complaining about hearing, "Waterloo fucking sucks!" Get over it, it's all in fun. I have no disdain for any of the Waterloo fans (or any other school for that matter) but hearing them taunt us in our own barn just makes me red!

I can guarantee you that if you actually supported the football team like I do, you'd know that the fans at Homecoming were guilty of nothing. Okay, maybe one thing... HAVING SPIRIT – something that a lot of Western students, especially you, don't have!

Perry "Elvis" Monaco

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