Volume 92, Issue 25

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

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The ultimate adjustment

Re: Protest the protest, Oct. 8

To the Editor:

Contrary to Erin Schroeder, I think that the shortening of orientation is definitely something that students need to protest against. For me and I'm not the only one, Orientation Week was the best way to start university.

It is true that I did party the whole week as Erin said. I even did bad things – crossed roads on red lights, slept only five to six hours every night and disturbed people on the road to ask them for money for Cystic Fibrosis. I also went to pubs and met boys. But for your information Erin, I NEVER got drunk or had sex.

Before Orientation Week, I was so stressed and anxious about university. I moved from Quebec to London in the summer of '97 so I could learn English. I have been been here for one year, but I'm still not confident with my English. The idea of having to ask people for directions and information really scared me. The idea of being where I knew no one was scary.

During Orientation Week, my so-loving Sophs answered my questions and even reassured me on my English. They walked us all around main campus and the affiliates, went with us to get our Western One cards, wet/dry cards and bus passes. They showed us the best places to go and where to find our classrooms.

For me and a lot of my Frosh friends, this week was the BEST thing to help us make our transition from high school to university.

I am one of those students who is going to fight for the survival of Orientation Week. One thing I learned from my Sophs and maybe the most important thing, is to always be proud. Proud of myself, my friends and my school. I see that you are not in the least bit proud anymore. I have just one thing to tell you dear Erin – if you are so ashamed of us, just move. Go to Queen's!

Amey Lee Martel

Brescia Arts I

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