Volume 92, Issue 25

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

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Finding the student voice

Re: Protest the protest, Oct. 8

To the Editor:

Oh, what a dark day Oct. 16 must have been for you, Erin Schroeder, as you read the front page of The Gazette, "Admin agrees to restore O-week." I'll bet that your heart sank even further than it had that fateful day you found out that Western students were protesting O-week's demise.

Just curious, how was it that you only found out what the protest was about when you read The Gazette? Wasn't a school spirit-filled individual like yourself in attendance at some of the Homecoming festivities? Or perhaps you missed the float in the parade or the chants at the football game, not to mention the signs. I guess you were too busy reading the program at the football game when the frigging plane with a banner saying "save O-week" flew high above the stadium!

You say that you thought it was "fantastic" that Western students were speaking up but upset "they" had chosen O-week as a rallying point. You then express your concern about Western becoming Tim Horton's U, well then why are you not doing something about it?

You certainly seem to have an axe to grind. Why don't you rally some of your friends together to protest rising tuition? Judging from the response to your letter you just seem to be making new friends left and right. And why are you referring to your fellow students as "they." Are you too not one of "them"?

Erin Schroeder, I feel sorry for people like you. Quick to criticize but unwilling to act! Next time you feel like criticizing something you obviously have little knowledge of, keep it to yourself, that way you won't look so stupid.

I admire and applaud the actions of all of those involved with the fight to preserve O-week. I also applaud the Western students who, by some miraculous turn of events, have found their voice. I have experienced first hand how difficult it is to mobilize students at Western and believe me, it is not easy!

Kudos to SzeJack Tan, Ian Armour and all of those involved in the orientation program for saving O-week.

James Deans

Western Alumnus '98

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