Volume 92, Issue 26

Wednesday, October, 21 1998

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Last Supper satisfies hungry fans

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IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT, YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY PUDDING. Last Supper is being served this Thursday at Call The Office.

By Tania Madigan

Gazette Staff

The Last Supper is a provocative name for a provocative band. Its sound is a melange of many different sounds, becoming a meeting between the Doors, Nine Inch Nails and Smashing Pumpkins.

This local London ensemble are all veterans to the music scene. The band consists of Dan Shwetz, singer/songwriter, Pete Walker on guitar, pianos and organ, newcomers Jody Brumell on drums and percussion and Warren Crone on bass. The changes in musicians occurred when the band resolved to make music its career.

"We made a decision, this is our career now, this is what we do," Schwetz says. "Things have to excel and we just have to keep working on it, keep touring, keep playing."

This determined attitude instills positively in their mission as a band, while they anxiously await audience acceptance. "[The audience] don't have a choice – we are out there and they are eventually going to hear it," claims Schwetz, in a confident manner. "Hopefully they will like it, but if they didn't like it, they still heard it. We have an edge because we accepted it – this is our job."

Their new album reflects this strong will to succeed, while still keeping the dark optimism which marked their first album. Incorporating new instrumentation and lighter vocals into their album, Lifeline, is more intense and alluring than the first CD, Beginning of the End.

"In the first record I was just pretty miserable and ugly, but on the second one, it's more channelled," Schwetz explains. "Definitely this record is more knowledgeable. We have a better vibe of different kinds of music. We are more aware by listening to a lot more music and being exposed to different things."

Big changes have taken place in the hierarchy of the band and many friends also contributed to this new enthusiasm. "We have our own record label now, Vamp Records, co-owned by David Baines, who has done a lot of work for us. He pretty much dedicated his time to our band as road manager and now this. Also, our friends on Talbot Street who let us couch-surf so many times really helped."

The new direction of Last Supper will be continued in their upcoming albums. "On this record we tried things a little bit differently, nothing crazy or calculated," Schwetz remarks. "We are going to try a little bit of electronics on the next album and explore the Eastern [music] a little more."

The Last Supper play tomorrow night at Call the Office with openers Scapegoat. Just ask Brumell where to find them and he says look up. "We are going straight to the top! We are going to play the pyramids in 2000."

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