Volume 92, Issue 26

Wednesday, October, 21 1998

bound and gagged


Uninformed representation

Re: ACES loses space, Oct. 1

To the Editor:

As you know, the University Student Council recently voted to dissolve the student resource known as ACES (Adult and Continuing Education Services). Now, I am a full-time mature student, married and have children. I was at the meeting that saw the demise of ACES. Here's what I have to say about it.

First, I was not allowed to speak because I could not get a member of council to yield the floor to me. I admit, none of them knew who I was so why should they yield to me? The answer is simple. I was a member of the group that their decision was affecting. My voice should have been heard!

I am willing to bet that had an impromptu poll been taken there would have been little or none of the voting members that were members of ACES. So where's the representation there? And, I would be willing to bet that few or none of the council members there had spoken to any ACES members to see how they felt about this issue.

So now you have a deficiency on two fronts. A council that is poorly informed and a group of constituents that is poorly represented by its council. As far as I'm concerned, the only issue that this council should have been voting on was, "How long should we table this issue?"

They were clearly unprepared and uninformed to be able to deal with that issue at that time! But they voted anyway! What does this tell you about how your student council is being run? If the council was counting on the opposite sides of the forum to inform them of which way they should vote, then they are obviously not doing the job that they were elected to do!

I sat there and listened to Josee Morin try to defend her issue and it was plain to see that the council heard only what it wanted to hear. One council member stated that he heard the ACES lounge was being used as a daycare centre. The first question that came to my mind was "What is Josee doing is her office at 8:30 p.m. with her small daughter there?

Here's the kicker, my friend, in case this scenario ever comes your way again, what you heard was the sound of DEDICATION, not daycare!!

Wayne Ferri
Science III

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