Volume 92, Issue 26

Wednesday, October, 21 1998

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Life just wouldn't be the same without it

Re: Admin agrees to restore O-week, Oct. 16

To the Editor:

I am writing to THANK all those who gave their support – the Sophs, students' council and protestors, in the fight to save Orientation Week. I am a first year Kin student and all I know is that if Frosh Week hadn't happened this year, my life here at Western would most definitely NOT be the same.

Where do I begin to tell you all the benefits of a week of spirit raising, getting to know people and the campus and most of all, beginning to figure out where I fit into the scheme of things here? I received so much valuable information in that week, my mind is still spinning, but without all that information I would be lost.

Whether it be finding where my classes are during faculty day, learning about all the different resources Western has to offer from intramurals to academic counselling, to learning about the people on my floor and beginning the many valuable friendships that will last the rest of my life here at Western and after, O-week offered me perhaps some of the most useful and necessary information for my success here.

I am planning to be a Soph next year and I want to be able to tell my Frosh all my great stories from my O-week and let them create their own memories to tell theirs. This is a tradition that SHOULD be continued, as it allows students like me to enter the Western family and truly feel like a part of this amazing place!

Ardis McDonald
Kinesiology I

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