Volume 92, Issue 26

Wednesday, October, 21 1998

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Immoral decision

Re: ACES loses space, Oct. 1

To the Editor:

As a letter of repugnation of the dissolvement of ACES, I would like to state the effects felt on behalf of the mature and part-time students on campus who have felt essential and legitimate reasons for our existence since 1947.

Many students who were personally involved in the establishment of the executive board are disgusted and disappointed to lose a vital part of student representation and moral support and personal space amongst Western's student body.

The dissolvement of ACES has forced mature students to rely on other manners of representation and assistance – namely economic during examination time as babysitters must now be paid for study time since day-care facilities are NOT open during evening hours. These students expect to drop their averages this upcoming year drastically.

What Ian Armour has failed to see is the high level of stress while those particular students try to balance family, work, financial and studying time. This situation can ONLY be described as highly difficult and the USC has shown ignorance of this fact with this decision.

As the new position was unveiled (limiting the budget and no office), Ian Armour admitted that mature/part-time student representation was NECESSARY. Can anyone tell me how it is expected that self-esteem and motivation are to be carried on by students who will have a volunteer try to coordinate the vast number of responsibilities?

I am not condoning volunteers to be lazy – what my point tries to convey is that this individual will have to satisfy the concerns and issues of this population.

Not once did a complaint come from the USC about my work contribution. Moreover, all universities which I had contact with were at a loss for the "ambush taking place" on an organization that was personally told by Armour to hold off on elections early in September.

Much of the information which the USC should have been told by Ian was not presented (such as conferences ACES members have attended, my attempt to better communication of social events and activities, etc.) as a deterrent to manipulate voting procedure and number. Ian should have felt a moral and ethical obligation to inform and consult me on this new position. Unfortunately for mature students, this did not, nor will it occur for the new commissioner.

Josee Morin
ACES Former Acting President

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