Volume 92, Issue 26

Wednesday, October, 21 1998

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Thank you for O-week

Re: Admin agrees to restore O-week, Oct. 16

To the Editor:

When I read your Oct. 16 article "Admin agrees to restore O-week," I was relieved and happy to find that not only would new students be made to feel welcome at Western, but also that students did indeed have a voice here at Western. This victory was big and was very important in ensuring that new students will have sufficient time to adjust to the major changes that university life brings.

And so, on behalf of all those future Mustangs who, at the present have no idea what efforts were made on their parts, I would like to say thank you. Thank you to the thousands of Frosh who stood on UC Hill and, when presented with the announcement that O-week was cancelled, chanted "bullshit" as one. Thank you to the O-week staff and especially our energetic Sophs who made Western's O-week something worth fighting for.

Thank you to the many people that wrote letters both to the administration to protest as well as toThe Gazette to set Ms. Schroeder (Oct. 8) straight. Thank you to all the people that ran around at Homecoming, passing out stickers, buttons, flyers and petitions to students and alumni in support of O-week.

And finally, thank you to the leaders, the instigators, the organizers. These people, who were mainly upper-year students, cared enough about the future of orientation at Western to give their time and effort towards saving it. People like SzeJack Tan, our orientation officer, who has been tireless in his support for the protests, always ready to write a letter to The Gazette or organize a show of protest.

People like the ones that wrote the flyers that were distributed or designed the stickers and buttons for Homecoming. People that refused to let the issue die away in a sea of apathy. Thank you to those people. Western is a better university for having them as students.


Wayne Samuels
Scholar's Electives I

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