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Thursday, October 22, 1998

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Unbelievable speaks the truth

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I'M NOT ONLY THE PRESDIENT, I'M ALSO A CLIENT. Unbelievably, Nigel Powell (centre) of British band Unbelievable Truth, has a full flowing set of hair.

By Christina Vardanis

Gazette Staff

Andy Yorke and his band, Unbelievable Truth, are already making waves as a subtle alternative to the world of hyper Brit pop. As they get ready to hit the other side of the pond with the North American release of their CD Almost Here, it's in the wake of the tidal wave spawned a few years ago by another Yorke. His name was Thom and his little band was called Radiohead.

The decision to follow the family trade was not one made in haste. Andy Yorke, joined by Nigel Powell on drums and keyboards and Jason Moulster on bass have a long, rocky history together. It's been the overcoming of these roadblocks which has given Unbelievable Truth the strength and confidence to pave its own way to musical recognition.

"My brother convinced my Mom to get me a drum kit because he needed a drummer," says Powell, of his coincidental start in music. "I wasn't too passionate about it until I was 13. My family moved and suddenly I didn't know anybody. It made me very introspective and I fell back on my music. At that point, the die was cast."

However, Yorke was not as eager to gamble away his future. In 1995, on the verge of signing a publishing deal, Yorke called Powell and Moulster to tell them he was quitting the band. The decision to leave was quickly followed by a move to Moscow, where he pursued the second thing in life that makes him tick – Eastern Europe and Russian literature.

"When I left the band I had no intention of returning," Yorke says. "Finally it came to the point where I either decided to stay and make a life in Russia, or come home and start my post-graduate degree." His return in 1996 proved to be a rebirth for the band.

"Being away was unusual and challenging. It was what I needed at the time. It made me believe in myself, so I could actually do this. We listened to our old stuff and I was able to hear it as an outsider would. I realized it was pretty good and distinctive."

Without glancing back, the trio resumed and threw all their efforts into their new career. The result is a gentle, yet confident CD, brimming with intelligence and beauty.

"When Andy came back there was no doubt in my mind I was willing to try again," Powell confirms. "I knew what we had was good and worth any kind of risk." Powell stresses Yorke's time away was crucial to the regeneration of the group, while keeping them on level ground.

"Having someone so passionate about something outside music keeps us attached to reality. While music is obviously important to us in one way, getting involved in the industry and selling lots of records isn't meaningful to us," he says.

With all obstacles aside, Unbelievable Truth are ready to surge ahead. The path should be fairly clear. Pure talent driven by passion has a way of making itself known.

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