Volume 92, Issue 27

Thursday, October 22, 1998

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You canŐt stop the good times

Re: Admin cracks down on Saugeen, Oct. 20

To the Editor:

Recently, Peter Mercer attended a residence council meeting at Saugeen-Maitland Hall. At this meeting, he said that certain "studies" indicated that Western still had a party image and he felt that the place to start reforming that image was at Saugeen. He then issued threats and I use the word threats because there is no better word, that if Saugeen continued to have pubs he would be forced to take action, not the least of which was the dissolving of council itself.

Now, I'm in my third year at Saugeen and over that period of time I have watched the department of housing and food services dismantle it bit by bit. I've hated the changes, but I sat idly by because, angry as I was, they were within their rights. Now I draw my line in the sand.

What kind of power do they think they have to say that residents of Saugeen have no right to gather or to leadership? To deny someone's inalienable rights simply because they don't act the way you want them to is nothing short of tyranny.

You know, I've seen posters advertising faculty based pubs all over campus. I guess we'll have to get rid of their councils as well! You know what else? The USC owns two bars. They OWN them! The USC must be disbanded NOW!

I understand that the university can be held responsible for any injuries resulting from events involving drinking, but I think it's time for all the students here to get credit for being the adults that we are. This means making decisions for ourselves, right or wrong.

I think it's time for Mercer to realize that, whether he likes it or not, Western's image is NOT going to change overnight and we will still continue to have fun.

Bevan Earhart
Computer Science III

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