Volume 92, Issue 27

Thursday, October 22, 1998

mark's going to jail


A sorry state

Re: Slightly more important, Oct. 21

To the Editor:

I'm writing in response to J.A. Logan's experience. I was extremely saddened and disillusioned by the comment that was made to her while she was trying to keep herself dry in the rain with a garbage bag and a towel. Even though the comment wasn't harsh or vulgar, it was inappropriate and uncalled for.

Regardless of the fact that we don't know what lies beyond the faces of the people we quickly walk by each day, the concern of many are not whether or not their Tommy Hilfiger label is big enough or to dress in the latest apparel. I must admit I am among the "privileged," however I am here to receive an education and move on with my life.

To those people who felt it necessary to comment on her attire, I'd suggest you do the same and grow up. You're in university now and you should be well beyond your ridiculing stage.

People need to remember that words are like knives. I admire J.A. Logan's courage and dedication in continuing with school, while doing as much as possible for her child. Lastly, if you ever need free babysitting or even just a raincoat – and this is not to belittle you – I'd love to help.

Dina Mashayekhi
MIT & Women's Studies I

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