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Friday, October 23, 1998



Dancing earth images

Photo by Michael Stuparuk

AND STEP, TWO, THREE, FOUR, UNHUMAN MOVEMENT, TWO, THREE, FOUR. The Desrosier Dance Theatre Company pirouettes its way into Talbot College on Saturday.

By Zoe Kalmanson
Gazette Writer

Desrosier's Dance Theatre Company offers a change from the mundane with its exciting, energizing performances of modern dance.

Robert Desrosier, a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada, created his own dance company in the early '80s, featuring himself as both dancer and choreographer.

His most recent show, Vivaldi's Sacred Songs and Mixed Repertoire, is a two-part dance performance encompassing a variety of dance movements and styles. Desrosier uses his broad range of training in ballet and gymnastics, combining them with theatrical presentation.

Desrosier's Muse was Vivaldi and his composition, Sacred Songs. "Vivaldi's music to me is about light and the brightness of things. It's positive work, about the positiveness of life," Desrosier says.

Imagery and themes are an important aspect of Desrosier's artistic expression. Suggestions of the earth, peace and sun are just a few images found in the show's first act, while the second, Mixed Repertoire, includes pieces of Desrosier's past choreography intertwined to create an entirely new work.

Desrosier's desire is to take the audience on a journey invoking a "trance quality," while projecting the good aspects of life and the positive things the world has to offer. "The general overall feeling is vibrant, energetic, and life [affirming], which are things we all need," Desrosier explains.

The performance's intent is to evoke a response in the audience which fills them with the show's energy. "I tend to look at my show as like a meal, so I think the main thing for me is that there is some kind of nourishment, that a person who comes to see my show receives something.

"I think the best thing that dance can give to someone is energy. I would say that my show in some way should vitalize people. I should give them a boost of energy, a boost of inspiration to what they do. There is enough downers already," Desrosier says.

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