Volume 92, Issue 28

Friday, October 23, 1998



Pod people of the ominous kind

By Neil Malhotra
Gazette Staff

The art of improvisation is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of music and the Omnious Seapods are one of the groups heading the rush.

"I think the industry, as a whole, is starting to recognize this scene and a lot of people think it's going to be at the forefront in a couple of years –mainstream even," says Tom Pirozzi, who provides the pounding bass rhythms for the Seapods' brand of '70s porn funk.

This new trend can be seen as record labels have been coveting jam bands such as the Agents of Good Root and the Ominous Seapods. The Seapods happened to be searching for a manager and found a haven in Metallica. The band signed with the metal lords' former manager, Johnny Z, who also happens to own Hydrophonic Records.

"One of the good things about Johnny Z was he had a label," Pirozzi says. "Johnny was a good choice for us because we would have a manager and a label and we had neither at the time."

The Seapods' first release on Hydrophonic was Matinee Idols, a live album recorded over five nights in five of the band's favourite venues in upstate New York. According to Pirozzi, the band wanted its major label debut to show them in their true light. "We are a live-focused band. We have an old live CD, but we felt it wasn't very representative of us. We really wanted to capture the high energy of our live shows.

"This scene is so much about jamming and that kind of thing. You can do that in the studio, but it is not the same because you're not getting the same audience interaction."

The Omnious Seapods are not quite ready to turn their backs on studio work, as the band is planning a return to the studio in March. "The studio is such a different ball game than the live show. [A studio album] is a presentation of songs," Pirozzi explains.

As for the band's immediate plans, the Omnious Seapods are booked to play a couple of shows in Las Vegas after each night of the Phish Hallowe'en extravaganza next week. "It's really cool because the owner of the bar just called us up to tell us we had sold out both nights," says a very excited Pirozzi. "We're gonna take a couple of days off at home in Albany and then start the drive out."

In the meantime, the Omnious Seapods are making their third trip to the Great North and will be making their second appearance at The Embassy tonight.

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