Volume 92, Issue 28

Friday, October 23, 1998



Confessions of a first-time model

By Ashley Lodge
Gazette Writer

It all started when my sister asked me to be a contestant in the Elite Model Search modelling contest. Lucky me, I thought. Honestly, in some ways I thought it could be fun but mostly that it would be shallow and humiliating.

The day of the contest, my friend Emma and I headed to Masonville Place with very low expectations. As we looked around, we could pick out two distinct groups. Group one were the girls who seemed to think they were already models and tried to act like it. Group two were the girls like Emma and I who are pretty average and were only doing this for something to do. Incidentally, only one girl from that first group made it into the finals.

We waited in line for a while until it was our turn to walk down in front of the judges. It was completely nerve racking waiting, but once I got up there I completely relaxed and just had fun. I figured, hey, at least I get a free t-shirt out of it!

After everyone had taken their turns, it was announced that the finalists would be soon decided. When the list of names was finally read, we weren't included.

No problem, we had fun. Then the announcer said a couple of girls were missing. That's when they called my name! I had to run back up on stage and smile for the judges one more time.

We all stood around while they decided who out of the 14 of us would be in the fashion show the next day. Again, they called my name. After that was done, the crowds dispersed and we were left to sign consent forms, take Polaroids and have a brief talk with the judges. We were told to be back at Eaton's the next morning for hair, makeup and fittings.

That day I headed down to Eaton's where all the models, including myself, mostly sat around waiting. And then we would wait some more. For brief periods between all that waiting we had our hair done and makeup done by Club Monaco Cosmetics and Eaton's picked out clothes for us.

After a quick rehearsal on stage, we headed to the changing tent where our outfits were waiting. We walked down the runway several times and then went off. The winner, who would be going to Toronto for the National Elite Model Search, was finally announced. This is where my little story ends, since I was not the winner.

In any case, I did receive a bag of items, including a few CDs, a $50 dollar gift certificate for Eaton's, magazine subscriptions and a bunch of makeup from Club Monaco Cosmetics. All in all, the contest was fun, not completely humiliating and maybe not quite as shallow as I had originally believed.

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