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Friday, October 23, 1998



Disley leads with dazzling display

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DAMN THAT WEDGIE BLITZ. With opponents doing anything they can to stop him, Dan Disley has still amassed 555 yards through the air, closing in on Western's single season record.

By John Dinner
Gazette Staff

The Western running game has been given credit for the Mustangs, 6-0 record and their current stay atop both the Ontario University Athletics and the CIAU standings. However, in football, in order to run you have to be able to pass.

And that's something Western has quietly done as Mike O'Brien and Dan Disley have connected for 555 yards. With two games remaining in the season, Disley has a chance of breaking a 10-year-old record held by former Mustang great Tyrone Williams for most receiving yards in a single season.

"It's something that's nice to think about but I just want to do everything I can do to make sure that we can win every game," Disley commented.

Heading into this weekend's tilt with the Guelph Gryphons (2-3-1), Disley needs only 37 yards to surpass Williams and establish himself as Western's premier receiver.

"The offence is pretty much capable of doing anything they want," said Guelph head coach Dan McNally. "Their offence is as good as it has been in the last decade. Disley is as good a receiver as there is in Canada and one of the best that Western has had in quite some time."

Disley was still quick to reroute praise back to his teammates. "The running game feeds off the passing game and vice versa," Disley said. "Without the protection of the front line, O'Brien wouldn't be able to have time to find me. As well, if our running game isn't working then they can double team me, with the same holding true if our passing game isn't working."

Despite the success of both the running and passing games, head coach Larry Haylor still worries about his team's complacency.

"We try not to be guilty of the assumption that the win-loss records gives an accurate description of our opponent," Haylor said. "At this time last year [Guelph] were 6-0 heading into our game and we beat them and they finished the season with three straight losses. It's the nature of this league."

To help prepare for this game, Haylor is reminding his troops of this fact, as well as the fact that Guelph could very easily be 4-2 if it weren't for some bad breaks.

"We try not to dwell on those things," McNally said. "We try to put out as good a product as we can and whether we win or lose we have to move onto next week. Saying that, there still has been some pretty disappointing Saturday nights."

Guelph boasts a very strong defensive line, complemented by experienced line backers which could give Western's running game some problems – making Disley's job that much more important.

"We're going to continue to run," Haylor said. "We have to do it against the better front fours [defensive lineman] in the league if we want to continue our success."

It's one thing Haylor and the Mustangs hope happens as they look to keep their perfect record intact on Saturday at Guelph at 2 p.m..

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