Volume 92, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

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Raising profile with ads

By Christina Vardanis
Gazette Staff

Western expanded its yearbook last week into the pages of The Globe and Mail.

The 1998 graduating class of the executive master of business administration program of the Ivey School of Business had their class pictures printed Thursday as part of a full page advertisement, congratulating the students on the occasion.

Western's VP-academic, Greg Moran, explained the purpose of the ad as two-fold, celebrating both the graduates and the school. "It celebrates the Ivey School in a place relevant to these people," he said. He added the importance of remaining active and aggressive in advertising.

Marilyn Nash, director of EMBA program services at the Ivey School, said the ad was published at the approximate cost of $24,000, some of which comes out of student tuition fees. However, she maintained this is not a large scale cost when considering its purpose.

"It's an insignificant part of the yearly budget [designated for advertising]," Nash said. She added Ivey advertises in such a highly circulated publication in order to attract potential students to their information sessions held around the country.

"We do a lot of recruiting in Toronto and major centres across Canada," she said.

Moran said he agrees the cost is worth the end result, although he doubts the same procedure will accompany other programs at Western.

"We always have to focus more and more attention to the school. The EMBA program is a special, unique program and the students pay a decent amount of tuition. It's okay to celebrate it," Moran said.

The advertisement, which is published on a yearly basis, also includes the names and current employment of each graduate. Nash said she felt it was better placed in a metropolitan publication, as most of these students have moved beyond London to begin their careers.

University Students' Council President, Ian Armour, said he recognized the cost of the ad as extremely high, but agrees with the reasoning behind it.

"The Ivey School is very proud of their MBA program. This is a way of congratulating those who have succeeded. It's very expensive, but it's also important. Toronto is a huge target area to get enrolment up."

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