Volume 92, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

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Let the boy play

Re: Admin benches Haynes indefinitely, Oct. 21

To the Editor:

This is in regards to the now infamous Homecoming "prank." I think it is unjust for Preston Haynes to be restricted from playing. As The Gazette reports, "he's the football player charged with criminal negligence causing bodily harm for allegedly hitting a first-year engineering student."

Perhaps VP-administration Peter Mercer and his cohorts should examine the meaning of the words charged and allegedly. They are quite different from the word guilty. Last time I checked, Western was part of a democratic society in which people are innocent until proven guilty. Anyway, it's not like Haynes killed his ex-wife and her friend (but that is a different debate for a different time).

Secondly, why do the engineers feel the need to infringe upon someone else's day? The Homecoming game is without a doubt one of the biggest days of the year for our football team (with the obvious exception of the playoffs). These players put countless hours of hard work and dedication into their sport and the spotlight should be on them at Homecoming, not on some jackass who feels the need to paint "Eng 02" on the field to impress his buddies. How would the engineers feel if during their convocation ceremony the football players painted "Western Football Rules" in the area? Undoubtedly, they would not be impressed.

Obviously, no one condones running people over with cars, but our administration should wait until all the facts are out before rushing to conclusions.

Neil McKay

Kinesiology II

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