Volume 92, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

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The funny minister

Re: Prime minister faux pas

To the Editor:

Our prime minister is the leader of our country, the central figure in Canadian politics, an individual who is supposed to reflect the common Canadian and who represents Canada abroad.

Recently, Jean Chretien has let the Canadian public down, particularly the students. It is a sad day in Canada, when the prime minister has said and I quote, "Instead of using a baseball bat or something else, now they tried to use more civilized methods," (House of Commons, Oct. 19).

Now Jean, is saying that at least the RCMP did not use "water cannons" on the protesters. These are insulting statements to the people involved, not a joking matter. Why doesn't the prime minister officially apologize for twice joking publicly about the pepper spraying of dozens of student protesters? The PM is joking about a daughter's pain – is this right? Add to that the prime minister and Liberal government have also refused to pay for the student legal fees during the APEC hearings.

Mr. Chretien is supposed to be the leader of the country, reflect the common Canadian and represent Canada abroad. It is without question, that all Canadians should hang their heads in shame. Mr. Chretien said it best, "For me, pepper, I put it on my plate," (Nov. '97, at a closing press conference for APEC talks). At least we know according to Jean Chretien, that it is better to be PEPPER SPRAYED than BEATEN!

Michael John Werenich

Political Science/History III

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