Volume 92, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

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Educating tolerance

Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:

In your letter of Oct. 23, you stated that you dislike your student fees used for "promoting homosexuality." We find it personally distressing that our student fees are wasted on supporting a student club that is dedicated to preaching its arcane and conservative views of sexuality to people who may be struggling with this issue.

People do not "choose" a homosexual lifestyle, as you so ignorantly assume. A person's sexual orientation is no more a choice than any other inherent trait such as race or gender. What you fail to realize is that in reality, the unhealthy lifestyle is the uninformed, judgmental and conformist one that is evident in your letter.

Your lifestyle choice is likely regarded as aberrant and perverse by others here at Western, yet you are still treated with courtesy. In the future, please treat your fellow students with the same respect that they treat you, regardless of your differences.

This phrase has been used liberally over the past few weeks but we are ashamed to go to the same school as you. Before you "educate" your fellow students about their "unhealthy lifestyle," perhaps you should educate yourself regarding the ignorant and hateful views you espouse.

Jonathan Gormick

Honours Biology II

Joel Porter

Honours History II

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