Volume 92, Issue 29

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

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They are not wasting our money

Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:

I'm writing in response to Patrick O'Neil's opinions regarding the Pravda magazine and Coming Out Week. Mr. O'Neil says he was disappointed with the fact that health issues regarding this "alternative" lifestyle were not discussed. Perhaps he is ignorant to the fact that "health issues" are prevalent in ALL lifestyles and that it is extremely ignorant for him to segregate this certain community.

Coming Out Week was by no means a waste of money. We need more events like these in order to enlighten the close-minded and bigots on campus. There was no promoting of homosexuality, but the week allowed homosexuals on campus to feel less isolated, that there is support available and others like themselves out there.

Once again Mr. O'Neil, both homosexuals and heterosexuals are at high risk for STDs. You state that further discussions "should include an examination of problems associated with this unhealthy lifestyle and provide advice on choosing a healthy lifestyle for students struggling with these issues."

However, you're making it sound as if students are struggling with being homosexual and they need to be taught how to choose a "healthy lifestyle." It is people like you who keep homosexuals in "the closet" and you are providing an unhealthy environment for members of their "community."

It frightens me that someone as educated as yourself would present such ignorant views. What frightens me even more is that you're in fourth-year political science and I hope I never see your name on any sign on anyone's front yard. Lastly, no, I'm not a lesbian, I lead a "heterosexual lifestyle" and even I am taken aback by your comments.

Dina Mashayekhi

MIT & Women's Studies I

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