Volume 92, Issue 30

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

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Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:

I was quite disturbed to read the letter written by Patrick O'Neil, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition. Mr. O'Neil seems to feel that it is a waste of student's money for the USC to program events such as Coming Out Week on behalf of the gay, lesbian and bisexual community.

The mandate of the USC's gay, lesbian and bisexual issues commission is to "provide the USC and the student population with information about discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation by conducting informative programming" and to "promote... the equal treatment, understanding and acceptance of people of all sexual orientations on the university campus."

Thank you, Patrick. As you can see by our Commission's mandate, your remarks about the unhealthy nature of homosexuality and your apparent lack of concern for the offence you have committed in labelling an estimated 10 per cent of the student population as undesirable proves why we at the University Students' Council fund activities such as Coming Out Week. It's to promote equality and pride in who you are – gay or straight.

Quite obviously then, the mandate of the GLBI commission would seem to prevent us from programming any "alternate discussion" of the so-called "unhealthy lifestyle" that you call homosexuality.

Your remarks may be considered homophobic and, as a result, do not belong in an open and equal environment that Western strives towards creating.

Peter J. Hill

Vice-President Campus Issues

University Students' Council

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