Volume 92, Issue 31

Thursday, October 29, 1998

behind closed doors


Underground sound

By Mark Lewandowski
Gazette Staff

When Scratching Post recorded their first full-length album in 1996 it was a real Flamethrower – it fired "Master of Action" into MuchMusic's rotation and afforded the band their first rung on the musical ladder.

"College radio was really nice to us on our last record and it went to number three and stayed there for a while," Nicole Hughes explains. The singer/songwriter uses this segway to bring up her new album, which was released to a receptive audience at Call the Office last Friday. The new full-length is Destruction of the Universe and should take this Toronto-via-London band to greater heights. "This time I want number one," Hughes squeals.

The group's popular single brought their distinctive sound to a greater audience, but it is their live shows which are more impressive. "We have a light show which is a giant pain in the ass," Hughes explains. Like a Christmas light show or Phantom of the Opera? "It's like Van Halen," Hughes mediates. They were thinking about pyrotechnics, but Hughes figured she'd end up lighting her hair on fire. It would be a scream for that one show but would probably hurt her rock girl image.

"I dropped out of Western in third year because I just hated being in the classroom," Hughes laments. The move proved to be a good one and the band relocated its operations to Toronto. "We signed to a major label a year ago, but they folded and we were kind of left homeless," Hughes comments, before exposing the bad management which led to the collapse.

So is this new album going to put the Post back on the map?

"Oh hell yeah! It's definitely the album that's the most Scratching Post. People are going to be shocked from the last album to this one. It's giant. It's a real ball breaker," Hughes summarizes effectively. A clever description from a foxy lady. "My singing is the best I've ever done, the most confident I've ever been."

Scratching Post now makes their digs in Toronto, but the new album should still make some waves. It is much harder than their previous release and subsequently closer to their live appeal.

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