Volume 92, Issue 31

Thursday, October 29, 1998

behind closed doors


Millennial student representation

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

At least two students will sit on one of the administrative councils for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation, with the possibility of more to come.

The two students who have been named to the foundation as members are Veronica Chau from the University of Waterloo and Heather Wilkey from Mount Royal College in Alberta, said Brian Milton, interim executive director of the foundation.

Yesterday, the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, the Canadian Federation of Students and the Federation of Students in the Province of Quebec, submitted their last list of students for the foundation to consider.

Milton said the official announcement for the rest of the candidates who have been selected as members and directors of the foundation will not be released until sometime in December. "We hope to keep it simple and have one announcement."

While many of the members and some of the director positions have already been filled, Hoops Harrison, national director of CASA, said he believes the delay to make a formal announcement is deliberate. "I think they are waiting for an appropriate time politically so that news about the foundation will be received positively by the public."

CASA schools have submitted a sizable list and will be well represented, Harrison said. He added there are 20 students from CASA schools currently on the list to be considered by the foundation.

Harrison said the increased student representation on the foundation is there because of negotiations, but said he believes students will get more representation.

"We are still pushing for more [student] directors and we are quite confident we will get it," Harrison said.

He added he expects as many as four or five students may be part of the foundation. "My priority is to make sure we get as many student representatives as possible."

Harrison said he has been talking to some people involved in the selection committee about the student nominations from Western. "These people may not be chosen, but they are being considered."

The students Western has nominated are Michael Rubinoff, University Students' Council's representative to the Board of Governors and first-year medical student Michael Currie, said Nick Iozzo, USC VP-education.

Iozzo added the government only mandated that the foundation select one student, but they have already selected two, which shows how respected CASA is. "If [the students] are from CASA schools, Western should be happy and very proud."

Milton said he was confident the foundation will be organized by December. "We will be in a good position to have our first board of directors meeting by the end of the year."

In the meantime, the selection process and an ongoing informal consultation on the issues has been proceeding on schedule, Milton said .

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