Volume 92, Issue 31

Thursday, October 29, 1998

behind closed doors


Them crazy squirrel lovers

Re: Squirrel Response, Oct. 27

To the Editor:

I'd like to apologize for my hasty and frustrated response to Mike Battista's letter (Oct. 21, "Get that dead thing outta here").

I misinterpreted his letter as being a childish complaint, rather than the commentary it was meant to be. However, I still believe he should have taken action. I'm glad to know he's not the lazy, apathetic whiner I first took him to be. Sorry, Mike!

Further, I am just as puzzled as Mike Battista as to the condition I found the squirrel in. Who exactly beat the dead body to a pulp? Who snapped its tail off? These acts of brutality are NOT supported by our society! I never thought a fellow Western student could stoop to such a level.

To that person, I'd like to say two things. One, I have no respect for you and what you did. Two, why didn't you take the time used to massacre the corpse and do something more productive, such as study, or even contact maintenance to have it cleaned up? Or more importantly, appreciate the beauty of our campus. For, by acting the way you did, you showed us that you have no pride in this, OUR Alma Mater.

I understand and respect the fact that not everyone loves squirrels. However, that doesn't mean you have the right to act in such a fashion. The first step to becoming a human is learning co-existence. Don't forget to inform the rest of us of the day you gain an opposable thumb.

Sarah Schlote

Psychology I

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