Volume 92, Issue 32

Friday, October 30, 1998

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Spinanes singer breaks through musical Gates

By Lisa Weaver
Gazette Staff

"It was just sort of time to part ways."

This is how singer and songwriter Rebecca Gates describes the break between herself and the other half which used to comprise The Spinanes. Despite the absence of drummer Scott Plouf, Gates is continuing her work, with the Spinanes' latest release, Arches and Aisles.

"A lot of the songs that I was writing still felt like Spinanes songs," says Gates, of the reason why she did not break out with a solo album. "I figured that I felt like the band name should represent more what was going on musically than the personnel."

For the currently ongoing tour, Gates is accompanied by a troupe of good friends – Ted Leo, Jerry Busher and Kendall Meade, who Gates says may be familiar to audiences as she has been touring with Helium for the last year.

Obviously the dynamics on stage are a bit different than with the original Spinanes' lineup. "I've been doing solo acoustic shows and I've been playing with a band and both of those are more rewarding for me than the two-piece had gotten to be," Gates says.

Besides recording and touring, Gates has been lending her talent to other projects, including back-up vocals for both Beck and Ben Lee, as well as Elliott Smith. "I used to live in Portland Oregon, as did Elliott, so we knew each other, we were friends," Gates says. "He's really fun for me to sing with – we have very similar voices."

It sounds as though Gates' enthusiasm for music is only beginning. "The group of people we're travelling with are fabulous and they've been really inspiring as far as thinking in terms of what I really want to do," she says. "I think almost everything is inspiring somehow."

Gates says this time around she is ready to play some rock 'n' roll. "I think Sleater-Kinney does it really well, Helium does it well – I mean, I think there's obviously people out there who are doing it – but I want to try and do my own brand."

Be prepared for an all-out rock show, as Gates and her friends play CHRW's birthday party, with Tristan Psionic, tomorrow night at Call the Office.

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