Volume 92, Issue 32

Friday, October 30, 1998

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Sick of hatred

Re: Wasting my student fees, Oct. 23

To the Editor:

In the Oct. 23 issue of The Gazette, Patrick O'Neil wrote a disturbing letter to the Editor, describing homosexuality as an "unhealthy lifestyle." Mr. O'Neil, if you have slipped through the cracks of our education system, as your archaic opinions suggest, let me enlighten you.

I do not have to be gay/lesbian to recognize that it is not a disease or character flaw. To my gay or lesbian friends and colleagues, it is who they are. They do not need your approval – however, they do deserve to be recognized as valid human beings.

Your blatant ignorance is an embarrassment to Western students. AIDS is not a gay disease, it is a human disease and unsafe sex, although potentially unhealthy, is neither exclusively a homosexual nor heterosexual practice. What then, do you consider unhealthy?

To a young girl I know from a staunch Christian family, being gay or lesbian is wrong because it isn't "the way nature [God] intended." Such attitudes promote self-hatred, intolerance and fear. Is this healthy? In addition to negotiating the life changes young adults encounter, those struggling with their sexual identity are labelled as "abnormal" or "sinners" while expected to be comfortable in their own skin and maintain a healthy self image.

The USC should be commended for demonstrating to these students that they are not alone, by discussing this fact of life openly and honestly. You expressed disappointment in the USC's use of student funds to "promote homosexuality." Do you honestly believe that educating the public about gay/lesbian/bisexual issues will convince heterosexual individuals to become gay? Is your self-proclaimed heterosexuality a conscious choice easily influenced by opinion or a biological predisposition?

My heart goes out to your own children should they not conform to their father's ideals. If my reply seems harsh it is because I am sick of discrimination and hate being promoted in the name of morality. The possibility of a political science student with views such as yours pursuing a career in any public domain frightens me to my core.

Amy Corcoran
Biology IV

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