Volume 92, Issue 19

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

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We're not brats

Re: It's not LTC, it's the students, Sept. 29

To the Editor:

There are very few things that irritate me enough to publicly voice my objection, however I cannot dismiss Mr. Flood's letter because I find it totally insulting. The depiction of Western students as spoiled brats who cannot spend 10 minutes waiting for a bus is perhaps true in some instances. It does not however take into consideration a huge number of students who a) don't live on campus and b) do not live "within 15 minutes walking distance to campus."

For those of us unlucky enough to live in south, west or east London, the bus trip to school does not take up 15 minutes, it takes sometimes longer than one hour and 15 minutes. The LTC completely fails those students who have to make long bus trips every day. Some streets in London are not on any bus routes (ie. I spend 15 to 20 minutes each day walking to my bus stop) and in any hours other than peak ones, many LTC buses grace those waiting for them once every 30 minutes, which you will note is much longer than the 10 minutes Mr. Flood is talking about.

I would like to ask him, if he possibly can, to imagine the joy of waiting for the 16 Adelaide bus from 6:10 PM (which is the time the 2 Dundas arrives at the transfer stop) until 6:40 PM (which is the time the Adelaide shows up) in the middle of December, looking forward to a 20 minute walk home from the bus stop. I assure you that I am not the only person with this problem. Stories like this one are often heard from those unlucky souls who call themselves off campus students.

The LTC, quite unlike its Toronto counterpart, provides service which is not only poor, but service which is quite often unacceptable. This issue should have been raised during the negotiations for the student bus pass. It is quite unlikely that the LTC would listen to student complaints, but I cannot understand why anyone would try to defend a company which so obviously does not care at all about its clients.

Monica Rola

Political Science/English III

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