Volume 92, Issue 19

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

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Tennis team on fire for Homecoming

By Anthony Thomas
Gazette Writer

The Western men's tennis team continued their dominant form on Saturday defeating both Brock and the University of Toronto 5-2 at home during Homecoming festivities.

The two important victories leave the upstart Mustang swingers with only one defeat on the season – a loss to Queen's during the first tournament of the season.

Western coach Anthony Glavanic is very positive about the recent results and says there is no question the team's goal is to be Ontario University Athletics champions this season.

"Our confidence level has increased with each match," Glavanic said. "Winning makes believing easy."

Toronto coach Sasha Vojnov had a different viewpoint. "There is good parody in the league right now. There are a good four teams that have a chance to win [the Ontario Championships] and Western is one of them. We're hoping to get into the playoffs and get one more crack at Western."

Brock coach Nathan Gatt added to Glavanic's earlier comments.

"Western has a strong team if all their players are focused," said Gatt, adding the Mustangs are "twice as strong as last year. They have a good group with good team work."

Brock's goal is to make the playoffs where they hope to have their number one player Richard Cooper, who was absent from this weekend's tournament. Gatt said he believes Cooper is probably the best player in Ontario university tennis and with him in the lineup, a tournament against Western would be much closer.

When Jamie Dunnett was asked about his chances if he met Richard Cooper in playoff action, the no. 1 Western ace replied, "I always have a chance." Based on his outstanding play on Saturday it is hard to doubt him.

Dunnett was undefeated on the day and against Toronto, the duo of Dunnett and Dave Dodge treated fans to a spectacular doubles match filled with great net play and powerful ground strokes. Dunnett and Dodge won the match 8-7 in a tiebreaker.

When asked about the match, Dunnett was quite modest. "It's good to have a good partner," he said.

Dunnett also believes this year's team has a good chance at being OUA champions. "Last year was a rebuilding year," he said. "This year we have a strong team with a lot of depth."

Dunnett's partner, Dodge, was also victorious in a hard fought singles battle against Toronto's Al Tseng 6-7, 6-2, 7-6.

The men's tennis finals are being held at York University on Oct. 24 and 25 and the Mustangs are to be hosted by Laurier the following weekend.

But first the Mustangs will have to worry about Waterloo and Ottawa in their last tournament of the year, on Oct. 17 in Waterloo.

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