Volume 92, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 7, 1998



Community support

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

This year's Thanksgiving should prove a lot more filling to many of London's poor and homeless people, thanks to the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

Chapter president at Western Cliff Latincic, said the dinner, which will be held tonight at the Phi Delta Theta frat house, will likely attract and feed about 100 people.

Latincic said through the help of sponsors and supporters such as Food Basics and Cold Spring Farms, the frat was able to obtain a large amount of food at a relatively low cost.

Assistance will also come from the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, who will be preparing most of the foods, Latincic said.

John Manax, owner of Food Basics said he basically sold the fraternity all the supplies they needed at cost. "I think it's a great cause. It's a bunch of young guys trying to make a difference – I can make a difference by helping them."

Latincic added members of the fraternity will be offering rides to and from the dinner for people who live too far away.

"We want to give something back to the community and show our pledges this is the essence of frat life," Latincic said.

The offer is open to anyone who wants a healthy meal, said Peter Reid, Phi Delta Theta brother and coordinator of the event. "This is a great thing for the community and a great way to help out the people who need it."

Reid said the frat spent last night planning for the dinner and peeling 100 pounds of potatoes. "We're calling our moms to figure out how to cook the turkeys," he said.

The dinner will feature a brief speech by Melissa Cousineau, University Students' Council VP-student affairs. "I'm going to speak to the fraternity and thank them for helping the community and express how important philanthropic work is," she said.

"I'm honoured they asked someone from students' council. This can only do positive things for our relationship with the Inter-fraternity Students' Council," she added.

Catherine Timmins, a parish member of Christ's Church, said they will provide the chairs, tables and cutlery for the event. "We generally try to support out-reach programs and be involved in the community – it is part of our mission as a parish."

Reid said they will probably have enough food to accommodate 120 people but they will do what they can if more people show up. "No matter what, we're helping out," he said.

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