Volume 92, Issue 20

Wednesday, October 7, 1998



Western's corporate mind control

Re: The almighty buck, Sept. 30

To the Editor:

I recently read the editorial called "The almighty buck" in the Sept. 30 edition of The Gazette. It talked of the relationship that Western has developed with long distance call provider ACC. It also talked of a possible deal with Coca-Cola making it the sole provider of beverages on campus.

Then in the following edition of the paper, you ran a story, "Always Coca-Cola?" that talks about the negotiations between Western and Coca-Cola. Unfortunately, you were unable to give many details since the "negotiations are private in nature."

While I agree that "you don't negotiate business deals through the media," I do believe that Mr. Garrard and the others who are deciding our future with Coca-Cola could give us some details on what is happening so that those of us who would like to know what is happening will know before it has happened.

Coca-Cola has always been my favorite pop and yet I find it disturbing that a company would have a monopoly here. The reality, as I understand it, is that if the deal goes through, only Coca-Cola products would be available. The fact is that if this happened, students (even some die-hard Pepsi drinkers) would start to switch over to Coca-Cola simply because it is the only one available. This is unacceptable. At least the deal with ACC only has to do with being able to advertise on the campus or in anything related to the university. People living in residence are not given the option of having to use ACC as their long distance provider or not having long distance service at all.

The editorial in the Sept. 30 paper might have gone to the extreme when they suggested that a 40-second spot at the beginning of every class was a possibility in our future. But the fact is that with only one set of products available on campus, the university will mold us to prefer those products, thus helping those companies strengthen their monopoly on the market, even after we have left university.

Mark Bernat

Science I

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