Volume 92, Issue 21

Thursday, October 8, 1998

far out


Underground sound

By Anthony Turow
Gazette Staff

Punk music has not changed much since its conception. Lyrics about alienation and oppression sung at top volume over crunchy guitars, relentless bass and furious drum beats have characterized it from the beginning. That's why A Day For Honey is so refreshing.

Their style is not merely a full-frontal aural assault on your eardrums, but a constantly evolving hybrid of sounds that constitutes a stimulating debut album that runs the gamut of mood and emotion.

Lead singer Tracy Jorg offers a glimpse to a possible reason why this New York band is different from your regular hard-core outfit. "Anything we've ever heard has been an influence in our music," Jorg reveals. "Whatever anyone grew up with they brought it to the band."

And that mixture is certainly eclectic. "I really like Tony Holliday, Lush, Curb and my favourite singer growing up would have to have been Madonna. Yes, I know it sounds weird," Jorg admits.

The band is filled out by bassist Anthony D'Aiuto, guitarists Frank Giacchetto and Ed Ciappa and drummer Larry Gorman, each of them contributing their own unique elements. "I would have to say that all the songwriting and arrangements on this album are definitely collaborative. We all play an equal part," Jorg says.

It's no surprise then, to hear equal parts punk, psychedelia and metal all wrapped around Jorg's ethereal voice. The song "Cinder" is a perfect example. Combining a haunting vocal track by Jorg and restrained guitar and percussion, the song is tranquil without being overly sentimental or losing its edge. Psychedelic, King Crimson-esque influences can be heard on the track "Laserblast," which in the course of a few minutes takes you to each side of the sonic spectrum, with Jorg's voice hopping from an angry girl rocker to serene troubadour.

When asked with whom on the current music scene A Day For Honey would like to collaborate, Jorg had to give it some thought. "Korn. The Deftones. Definitely Korn though, they're cool and I really like what they do with their music," Jorg says.

Like Korn, A Day For Honey is in many respects an "unclassifiable" group. Just when you think their music has settled into a groove, it picks itself up and carries itself in an unseen direction. It will be interesting to see the heights to which they take their lush soundscapes.

A Day For Hone, play Call the Office on Saturday. "I'm excited," says Jorg. "We've never played in Canada and we're really psyched about it."

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