Volume 92, Issue 21

Thursday, October 8, 1998

far out


E = Margaret

By Michael Murphy
Gazette Staff

For a long time, conventional wisdom has held that rock 'n roll and high school math would remain forever in disaffinity. This is no surprise.

On one hand, there is a glamorous fantasy world of cool hair, tight jeans and drooling groupies. On the other, there's only pimply-faced ectomorphs with geometry sets and Dungeons and Dragons maps.

Obviously someone forgot to explain this to Square Root of Margaret. While this Chatham-based quartet's name suggests math, the rest just doesn't apply.

What does apply is a style of music which lead vocalist Pokadot hesitates to categorize. "It's kind of psychedelic," he says. He explains further while referring to their recently released debut album, Burst of Breedin'.

"With that record it's kind of hard for us to say anything total, because we've moved around a bit and we're just doing a bit of everything." While he jokingly maintains they will never release a country album, he does stress the band is always up for the exploration of new musical territory. "We do keep a certain spaceyness to most things," he says.

As for the band's on-stage demeanor, Pokadot explains how he and his partners usually avoid histrionic stage antics to concentrate more intently on the sonic component of their show. "We just try and blow you away slowly. We like to get the audio point across. We want our live audiences to leave our concerts thinking, 'Those guys are damn good songwriters!'"

In addition to the fun they have performing live, the group gets a great deal of artistic satisfaction from in-studio recording. "I find it pretty interesting to take a song we've had for a year that we've just been playing live and take it back into the studio, then have it suddenly turn into a masterpiece," Pokadot says.

At present, this Chatham foursome is busily at work on a music video and a second album which they hope to release by next January. According to Pokadot, the band has already written many songs, which they plan to record in the future. "We have so much material, it's not even funny," he comments.

Pokadot admits there wasn't too much calculation behind the unique name of the band. "We were just sitting around one day and it popped up." As all math majors know, the name is radical in more ways than one. More importantly, it may just have helped to bridge the gap between rock and math.

Hey guys, is that a geometry set hanging out of your jeans?

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