Volume 92, Issue 21

Thursday, October 8, 1998

far out


Break down the walls

It is no secret that the key to artistic presentation and advancement is originality. So why is art so stagnant in this day and age? The answer is complex but I will summarize it simply. First a question. Has everything been done before? Some would say yes, but I think not.

The secret to the advancement of all arts is constant and unmediated experimentation. Every artistic medium has its boundaries and we are too afraid to break through them into new worlds of social and cultural representation. Which brings us to an impasse. Art is a representation of the social and cultural status of a society. So what does our art say about us? Are we happy with the complacency with which we receive new art or ideas or do we prefer to remain in the seeming comfortability of the status quo? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Boloney. We must fight against apathy in our art and culture. The walls must be broken for art to advance meaningfully. The painter must see the canvas and paint the stand. The writer must mash his clenched fist against the keypad. The film director must destroy space and time and the musicians must break their strings.

We as a species are trained to proceed upon the chosen course which has been laid. The logical conclusion of this course is what some theorists have described as the post-modern condition. Everything is a representation of the artist and their experience, therefore, art by its finite nature is prone to repetition.

Art is like the universe – after a period of constant geometric expansion it has started collapsing upon itself. Artists must stab at these walls to see the light beyond. Out-wit the entrapments of repetition and cyclical thinking.

Art is imploding into a one medium industry. If we stay this course the only artistic medium will be the "super computer," a combination of TV, music and internet, through which most human communication will take place. A huge screen with buttons and joysticks through which we can all experience simulated pleasures!

Basically, artists must not be afraid to play. Break down those walls.

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