Volume 92, Issue 21

Thursday, October 8, 1998

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Waterloo has feelings too

Re: Western football fans

To the Editor:

Like almost every other Western student this past Saturday, I went to the much anticipated Homecoming football game. There was a real sense of pride in watching the sea of purple and white supporters and feeling the contagious enthusiasm of the crowd. It was a day celebrating a sense of community.

I was seated close to a large number of Waterloo fans. On the other side of me was a group of Western students who continually distracted me from the game. It was not because of their patriotic roar, but their persistent deliberate derision directed towards our Waterloo guests. They maintained a continuous commentary throughout the game, disparaging Waterloo's fans, marching band and cheerleaders. Certainly, Waterloo fans took part in some taunting of their own, but in my opinion, it was in self-defence.

I was also shocked at the flagrant and inappropriate use of the word "fuck," not only spoken but blatantly advertised across the t-shirts worn by many in the crowd. As they chanted, "Waterloo fuckin' sucks!" I was thoroughly disappointed, disgusted and embarrassed that these individuals are students at Western. They showed poor sportsmanship throughout the entire game.

School spirit is an important part of Homecoming weekend. What was demonstrated at the game was rude, inappropriate and loutish behaviour, hardly worthy of this fine university.

Erin Byrne

Political Science III

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