Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

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How to use used stuff

The best place to start your literary search is "used book paradise," better known as City Lights. The famous book and music shop which is located on Richmond Street between King and York Streets and offers a huge selection of used literature for all tastes. We're talking classical to contemporary in fiction or non-fiction, comics and Harlequins and SCHOOL BOOKS oh my! But beware of ancient textbook editions. Basically, if you are literate you will love this place.

A little further north you will find a smaller place that can be spotted by a pretty window display featuring a mélange of topics. If you are looking for that cool used book for school or a literary classic you will find it here at Portobello Road, right beside Sebastian's. Attic Books on Dundas, between Clarence and Wellington offers the same line-up but specializes in new books.

On campus your hot spot for used books is the appropriately named Used Book Store, in the University Community Centre across the hall from the regular Book Store. It offers up-to-date editions of school texts and literary classics at discounted rates – with a twist. The books on sale are those of other students so don't be afraid to help out your fellow Westerner. Note: You WILL end up selling something here yourself someday.

–Mark Lewandowski,
Arts and Entertainment Editor

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