Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

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Movies and tunes: For your ears and eyes only

By Mark Lewandowski
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Everybody loves music, but only a select few know where to get what's hot and what's slammin'. As persistent purveyors and general connoisseurs of music, we in the Arts and Entertainment section feel obligated to provide all incoming Frosh with a comprehensive guide to local "alternative" music shops.

Located mainly in the "Richmond Row" area, this cross-section of musical dispensers caters to every musical style from classical to jungle.

A few years ago you would have been able to find a handy Dr.Disc location on campus, but the only one open now is on the south end of Clarence Street. The store offers a little bit of everything in style, price and medium. A wide variety of new and used CDs is complimented by a serious vinyl line-up in "the basement," which features techno, R&B, and a live DJ. This place has some flavour and will appeal to the most discriminating of tastes.

If you like your music used, then City Lights should be tops on your shopping agenda. Planted firmly in the vintage strip on south Richmond, this store is a cornucopia of used and vintage goods. Racks of tapes cascade around a CD tower and vinyl bin – all begging to be bought and played. It's a good store for frugal browsing, as it offers a Western discount, but it may not have specific titles.

A store that does carry figuratively everything is Best Buy. Specializing in customer service, Best Buy boasts a knowledgeable staff willing to challenge anybody in musical "who's who." Offering only new music, the store is also known for good prices. So for a good buy head behind Masonville Mall (by the Canadian Tire) and don't be afraid to get funky.

Urban Sound Exchange is not as established as the others, but is within easy reach as it is located across the street from The Shot. The store specializes in used CDs and offers listening posts for that pre-emptive playback. Urban Sound Exchange is a good place to start if you want to sell some old CDs.

If you are into the electronic thing then you are off to Clarence Street again where you will find Mechanical Graveyard and some very cool beats. Graveyard purveys the techno, jungle and house that may not be found in mainstream outlets. The material is mainly new and specific to the electronic lovers and players. Basically, the stuff you probably won't find at a place like the CD Plus Warehouse, which has all new CDs with a huge variety. Located at the south end of Wellington by Toys 'R' Us, CD Plus offers big selection and big savings.

For classical artists, or as the owner calls them, "the good guys," a helpful place to start is Hysen Music, at 146 Dundas Street. Offering sheets and books on music, the store caters to all those classical needs for when you actually get down to studying!

For something faster and dirtier, think Speed City on Richmond St. south of Oxford. Speed City specializes in indie, punk and other music which can still actually be called rare and alternative. A new place to check out at Clarence and Dundas is Fat Soul which offers clothes and music to give you some serious funk and flavour.

Movie Theatres

The most artistically inclined movie house in London is the New Yorker repertory theatre. For those not in the know, the theatre features the art circuit films that you won't find at the big movieplexes. Located at Richmond and York it offers everything from Cannes or Sundance favorites to classical re-runs and cult hits. It's the quintessential theatre for artistic expression in the age of commercial pictures.

The Smuggler's Alley Famous 6 is special because it is cheap! The theatre offers second run, new releases at very frugal rates and is in the heart of downtown on Dundas between Richmond and Clarence. It's a good place to go if the funds are low. Right across the street from the Famous 6 is The Capitol, which is a great place, but frequently closes down. The Capital re-opens on Sept.26.

But why go too far when there is a movie theatre right here on campus on the second floor of the University Community Centre which plays current hits.Western Film caters to students with a concession stand and good rates. So don't worry, you'll have somewhere to go with that cute guy or gal you might meet during Frosh week.

The Galleria features a Cineplex Odeon which plays all of the blockbusters and it's known for its spacious theatres. For those heading south there is also the Famous Player's Wellington 8 by CD Plus on Wellington.

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