Volume 92, Issue 6

Friday, September 11, 1998

oshfrosh b'gosh


Expose yourself to development

By Sabrina Carinci
News Editor

As Frosh, you may have been told by some to be prepared for many stress-filled days, sleepless nights and a significant drop in your grades.

Although to a certain degree, some of this may be true, the very truth of the matter is that you, the Frosh, have complete control over your success or failure during your stay here at Western.

Perhaps the single most helpful resource you should discover is the Student Development Centre, located in Room 210 of the University Community Centre.

The SDC is open from Monday to Friday and offers a wide variety of valuable services from writing assignments to dealing with personal problems which will help you adjust to life at Western.

The services offered by the SDC you should take notice of include:

Effective writing program – If you're afraid of submitting your first essay or assignment because it isn't "university quality," then simply make an appointment and you can meet with a SDC volunteer, who will evaluate your work. Some profs have even made it mandatory to visit the SDC for this service, as it can really be helpful when you are looking for productive feedback on your work.

Learning skills services – Various presentations such as learning to manage your time wisely, strategies for writing multiple choice tests and even learning strategies for memorizing facts are offered, all of which can help those who are looking for practical study tips.

Employment services – If you're looking for a job, the Internet Employment Café is a unique and useful tool for Western students. You can also use the SDC's equipment for videoconferencing and employment interviews.

Career counselling – Whether you want to research a certain career, get feedback on your personal resume or just prepare for job interviews, volunteers at the SDC will give you tips on how to make yourself stand out among other job applicants.

Assistantship program – This program will position you as a volunteer to a staff or faculty member at Western, which will help build up a good resume.

Resource centre – This specialized library is filled with information on student development and is a great place to try for questions you may have on learning skills or career decisions.

Psychological services – Whether you're having a rough time adjusting to living away from home or dealing with sexual or self-esteem issues, you can make an appointment to speak to a counsellor at the SDC, who will try to help you sort out your troubles.

International student services – Living away from home can be fairly stressful, but when home is half-way across the world, some may find it difficult to adjust. For this reason, both individual and group counselling services are offered.

First Nations services – Besides offering personal counselling and assistance with admissions, the SDC provides Native social gatherings and circles.

Services for students with disabilities – Counsellors can help students with disabilities adjust to life at as well as offer information on housing and financial assistance.

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